Monday, March 31, 2008


i today realized why sadies is called sadies. Because the kids like me are always sad at the fact that no girl asked us again. and since there is usually a large amount of kids who arent asked it is a plural sad. hence, sadies. Whatever, its a deal but not a big deal.

moving on.
im going to talk about games for a quick second.
ubisoft thanks for the rainbow 6 expansion pack. now when is the real Vegas 2 coming out?

moving on.

coming back from spring break i find school to be the same.
many of the teachers i get a sence of that im annoying them and im a bother.

why do parents ask the most dumbest questions?

like you still get out at 2:45?
umm yeah it hasent changed since the first day of school.
or is today free-dress?
no, i still am wearing pants and a polo, the exact thing like yesterday.

i hate responding with sarcasim but it is needed in these situations.
then my parents get the impression of im in a bad attitude.
its not that im in a bad attitude, its the fact that you gave me a stupid question which you knew the awnser to, but yet still asked.

im done for today

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

I not sure if you are familiar with the SNL sketch, Lazy Sunday. it is just a rap about the movie Chronicles of Narnia. Quite funny. Well, that sketch is the best way to describe the day i had.

waking up at a normal time of 6:45, i start my morning routine only to stop right after my daily visit to the bathroom.  with many things flying in my mind i had to sit and get my thoughts together.

from school to girls it took a while for me to get my mind in order.

i will only go over the top three things that are on my mind.
  • School
  • Girls
  • family
all in agreement?
say I

this year was the first year that i had a failing grade in any class. I'm not only embarrassed but ashamed. there are many factors that come in to play this year with school.

First off.
the Laptops,

a great idea on paper, however there must be a scientific study to prove that the laptops improve grades in the classroom, not raze them. There is enough proof with the sophomore class to show that the computer are pure garbage. I mean there are really neat and fun a great tools for learning, but wait the Internet and wikipedia and ink ball and and and there are to many distractions with these computers that it is not only hard to pay attention in class but there is more of a temptation to not pay attention in class.

all in all the laptops are great but i still don't understand a lick of Spanish


very brief

i like one and want to ask her out but it wont happen

moving on.

mom- cant tell when she is mad, disappointed, pissed, or moody

dad- mad when mad and even if two people are equally at fault i am blamed.

sister- likes a bumble gum band named Jonas. all FUCKING day Jonas. not funny. it was cute in the beginning but now its not only scary but stalkerish
pissing me off.

i really don't know how to end it so

see you all tommarow