Monday, March 31, 2008


i today realized why sadies is called sadies. Because the kids like me are always sad at the fact that no girl asked us again. and since there is usually a large amount of kids who arent asked it is a plural sad. hence, sadies. Whatever, its a deal but not a big deal.

moving on.
im going to talk about games for a quick second.
ubisoft thanks for the rainbow 6 expansion pack. now when is the real Vegas 2 coming out?

moving on.

coming back from spring break i find school to be the same.
many of the teachers i get a sence of that im annoying them and im a bother.

why do parents ask the most dumbest questions?

like you still get out at 2:45?
umm yeah it hasent changed since the first day of school.
or is today free-dress?
no, i still am wearing pants and a polo, the exact thing like yesterday.

i hate responding with sarcasim but it is needed in these situations.
then my parents get the impression of im in a bad attitude.
its not that im in a bad attitude, its the fact that you gave me a stupid question which you knew the awnser to, but yet still asked.

im done for today

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