Tuesday, April 1, 2008

eleven days

eleven days

for what you ask?
until Sadies comes around. which also means eleven days to decide to attend or wait until someone asks me (very unlikely)

so till then i wait.

today was April fool's day, and it was a great day to make fun of anything and be cruel to others but it was okay because its April fool's. Tomorrow is a whole different story. throwing eggs around the neighborhood is seen as vandalism unless its April fool's day. which for some reason that phrase acts as a band-aid for the day.

recently i have been dieting.

it a good program and the food is not that bad. but in about a week i lost 12 pounds. i cant notice it but the scale doesn't lie.

Knowing that i have to start planning for my future i am considering attending a Military Academy, Annapolis.
i am choosing this future because, i see my country as the motherland. And since the motherland gave birth to me. i feel that it is my duty to take the call of duty and serve my country.
also, i find Albert Einstein's quote will last the test of time. - "So long as there are men, there will be wars."

One of my personal favorite things to talk about is war. the reason why is because war is all around us all the time.
i do like talking it because i know a lot of information of many battles, weapons. and wars.

well I'm spent.

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